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Today on Eat Merida: El Rincon Peruano

June 23, 2011

If you’re looking for a new place to eat (and we know you are,) Eat Merida recommends this lively Peruvian cocina economica.  Our review features a tale of gastronomic distress in a former Soviet republic.

Click here for a review of El Rincon Peruano, with hours of operation, directions, and a map.

Don’t Be A Stranger: Some Thoughts On The State Of Affairs In Chiapas

June 13, 2011

Driving through the mountains of Northern Chiapas, taking the old highway from Villahermosa through miles of banana groves, hibiscus fields and mountains that more closely resembled Peru, or maybe even China,  than the landscapes I usually associate with Mexico, I got the feeling I was very far from home.

That was before I arrived in San Cristobal de las Casas to discover throngs of dreadlocked white people prancing through the streets dressed like Himalayan harlequins, pipe-smoking American “thinkers” with berets and Dickensian peacoats, and skeletal vegan backpackers, pale and weakened by the altitude, crouched on every street corner.

At that point that I began to suspect that not only was I far from home, but far from Mexico as well.  Read more…

Merida’s Mayan Ghost Town

June 11, 2011

The chopping block of history amputates and edits without mercy.

In January of 1982, Mexico was careening toward financial collapse, Francisco Luna Kan, Yucatan’s first governor of pure Maya descent since the Conquest, ceded the governorship to a controversial newcomer, and Jose Lopez Portillo made the briefest presidential visit in Yucatan history: a mere hour and forty minutes.  Read more…

The End Of News: Or How I Learned to Start Worrying and Flee the Void

April 17, 2011

I hate Fox News.

Bad words such as “Sarah Palin” and “Roger Ailes” make me feel like I’m going to start screaming and not be able to stop.

But something else has me on edge.

At a time when American political tensions threaten to surpass the volatility of the Vietnam War era, and the two years prior to Kennedy’s assassination, allegedly “mainstream” 24-hour news outlets like CNN and MSNBC have responded to Fox’s paranoia peddling and rabble rousing with something worse than cowardice.   Read more…

The Third Annual International Maya Culture Conference

March 9, 2011

Those of us lucky enough to live in Merida have the opportunity of attending the International Maya Culture Conference beginning this Sunday, March 13th.

Throughout the week, dozens of archaeologists, sociologists and anthropologists will be presenting their research at the Teatro Armando Manzanera, covering everything from ancient history to contemporary aspects of Maya society.

A full schedule of the presentations can be found here.  Attendance is free for registered guests.  You can fill out your registration form here.

Trouble’s Brewing

March 4, 2011

We’ve been away from our keyboards for a while, but we’re back, and ready to deliver more quality entertainment.   Here’s what’s to come at Expats Anonymous:

  • We’ll be continuing HELL HOUSE, our ongoing series of nightmarish anecdotes about finding a home in Yucatan
  • Further inquiry will be made into the CBS reporting of the Soumaya museum opening
  • Jungle Grooves, Kinbote’s series about Mexican music, will introduce you to Cri-Cri, a popular songwriter among children to whom there is a monument dedicated right here in Merida
  • We’ll review new restaurants at our sister blog, Eat Merida
  • Hugo reflects on the seductiveness of the obscure and the woes of reverse snobbery

Stay Tuned!

“Murder and Mayhem” at Billionaire Museum Kick-Off

March 2, 2011

International headlines today announced the unveiling of billionaire Carlos Slim’s all-time largest charitable contribution: the 183,000-square foot Soumaya Museum, designed to house and display some 60,000 works from Slim’s personal art collection, and built in Polanco, one the wealthiest neighborhoods in all of Mexico City.

While domestic and international media tended to find something positive to say about the no-strings donation of tens of thousands of artworks to an appreciative general public, the CBS coverage of the Soumaya’s opening for some reason expressed a barely controlled hostility for the opening itself, for journalist Larry King, who happened to be on hand, and, perhaps yet more mysteriously, for Mexico in general:

“I love this country and I love this city,” said King while standing at the podium in an apparent PR effort to counter the murder and mayhem headlines coming out of Mexico these daysRead more…

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