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Everything You Need To Know

Expats Anonymous is the blog of a curious young American who came to the Yucatan to study Yucatecan culture and the Maya language, and from time to time accepts pieces from like-minded friends and acquaintances.

The editor can be contacted at

Topics here will include expat life, the history of Yucatan, Maya civilization (both ancient and modern), US-Mexican international relations, racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, and just about anything else I feel like writing about.

Comments will be moderated. Coarse language is fine (even encouraged.)   If your comment is well-reasoned and adds something to the discussion, it will be approved.

Got a problem with me writing anonymously? Then don’t read the blog.  Your complaining comments will not be approved.  For more information, click here.

You have the capability of rating posts and comments. Please rate what you read, and share your thoughts in the comments.  It’s more fun when everyone participates.  If you rate a post or a comment poorly, start a discussion in the comments!

Have something you want me to write about? Have a post of your own that you’d like to submit for publication on Expats Anonymous?  Great!  Just drop me a line at

Want to fire off an angry and harassing e-mail to me because you hate my guts? Don’t expect a response.

All cool?  Then have fun!

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