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La Ciudad Maya As It Used To Be

September 20, 2011

A few months ago, I posted photographs of La Ciudad Maya, a crumbling complex of buildings behind the Parque del Centenario.  Expats Anonymous reader Virginia Miller was kind enough to send us photos she took of La Ciudad Maya when she lived in Merida in 1997.  Here they are, along with her comment on my previous post about La Ciudad Maya.

“I lived in Merida in 1997 when La Ciudad Maya was a thriving nightclub–I had no idea it had been abandoned, nor that it was so mysteriously unremembered now. There cannot possibly be two of these complexes! They alternated shows–imported Cuban dancers (who lived in the complex), very popular with local and visiting foreign men, and then a ‘typical’ Maya show with the tray with glasses on it on the head, etc. I didn’t see a performance but have tons of slides of the exterior and interior. I am currently writing an article on neo-maya architecture in Merida so ran across this image while trying to locate one of the long-gone Cine Maya.”

Thank you, Virginia, for sending us your beautiful photographs.

To see La Ciudad Maya as it is now, click here.

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