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Today on Eat Merida: Gianni Fish & Chips

June 25, 2011

In search of lunch?  Eat Merida wants to tell you about a cheap new place for fish and chips that won’t leave you hanging.

Click here for a review of Gianni Fish & Chips, including hours of operation, directions, a map, and a picture of a fish smoking a cigarette.

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  1. July 11, 2011 1:10 pm

    I am hungry now and pass this place every single day. I think I will go today.

  2. July 21, 2011 9:44 am

    Technologico heading toward centro. Sort of easy to miss and when you see it you need to go past it and take the next available right turn and circle around the block. Plenty of off-street parking. You have the choice of inside or outside dining but I wouldn’t recommend outside unless breathing bus fumes is your idea of enhancing your dining pleasure.
    The menu is varied but I stuck with the basic $40 peso fish and chip deal. Fish, chips, refresco, and a small tray of corn chips with small ramekins of red and green picante, tarter sauce, creama and ketchup.
    The fish and chips come in a paper cone which is placed in a cast iron holder which also holds your drink.
    The portions are generous to say the least. I have to agree with another reviewer that the coating on the fish is thicker than I’d prefer, but it is light, crispy and flavorful so I can let that pass, The fries are fresh-cut, not frozen and a cooked perfectly.
    The service (I thin her name was Maria) was polite and attentive. She even took my picture to post on their Facebook page.
    The meal was topped off by a little candy presented in a miniature paper cone.
    For $40 peso, you cant go wrong.

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